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Gilbert Williams, Healthy Living Enthusiast

Gilbert’s interest in plants and Holistic Nutrition began at a young age, with his experience of growing up in a greener forested environment. Herbs and the holistic approach was the usual way of life. As he grew up, he became fixated on the broad social themes of herbs and the holistic approach to nutrition and general wellbeing. This led him on a lifelong interest/quest into Holistic Nutrition and plant remedy for his health and fitness, as well as promote wellness for others.

Gilbert is not anti-development, nor does he romanticize the past, but through learning about plants and herbs for human wellbeing, he realized that the field of herbs and holistic nutrition was vast, complex, and life affirming. He realized that it was humanity’s oldest form of nutrition and wellbeing. He also realized that, the legacy of plants and humans in nutritional and healing contexts spans hundreds of generations, and across all cultures. We’ve co-evolved with these plants, they’re an inextricably part of our bodies and identities.

During his travels, he lived and survived in the Arctic, in the Jungle and on the Dessert. What kept his body fueled, cooled and warmed was his holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing. As nutrition became increasingly important in his life, the opportunity presented itself for Gilbert to study at the School of Natural Health sciences, where he received his designation as a Holistic Nutritionist and Holistic Herbalist.

His lifelong hobby and passion for plants/herbs and holistic nutrition led to the formation of GREENTRIBE , where the Green Team and himself share their knowledge of nutrition and wellbeing.

Founder, Holistic Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Herbalist, Writer and Author.

Core Values

  • Underpinning our mission and vision are a unique set of values that strengthens our existence. These values define who we are, what we stand for and help define the people we are seeking to attract, develop and retain. Our Core Values are: 
  • To inspire motivation within the consumers and develop lifestyle changes which promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • To Strive to develop a brand that continually delivers a consistent and high quality products and services.
  • To Remain proactive in reducing the impact we have on the environment through whilst promoting environmental and ethical responsibility.
  • To Show pride, passion, compassion, enthusiasm and dedication in all our activities and endeavours, and
  • To Passionately pursue continuous improvement in all we do.



Welcome To Green Tribe Nutrition!

Are you looking for a Natural approach to health, diet and nutrition? Have you been diagnosed with a condition and are looking for something to complement conventional treatment you are receiving? good health but are looking for holistic ways to maintain your wellbeing? Green tribe combines the ancient tradition of using plants and nature to treat illness. Some of our natural products are usually in the form of powders made from leaves, roots, berries or flowers.

Our Green team of Qualified therapists provides a distinct approach looking at the underlying condition and tapping into the resources of nature to revitalise our clients. Many health problems can be effectively managed and rectified through the calm, soft and gentle approach of natural health practices and habits through alteration in lifestyle, dietary modification etc. GreenTribe specialises in the provision of high quality natural ingredients to help suppress or even eliminate conditions such as;

  • Digestive Problems
    • Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers, Oesophagitis, Indigestion, Nausea and Apetite Loss.
  • Spasm Problems
    • Cramps, Colic, Migraine.
  • Overactivity Problems
    • Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Tension Headaches

Tell Us About Your Worries

At Green Tribe Holistic nutrition, we consider all aspects of a person’s life when providing care for their overall health or a specific condition. We focus on the developing nutritional and lifestyle plans to better not only our client’s physical well-being, but their mental and spiritual well-being as well. Therefore, we take into account our client’s emotional and physical health, energy level and environment when creating a balanced diet program.

The focus on the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit, and how these things interact is what sets Green Tribe Holistic Nutritionist apart. We are committed to bettering the health of society by promoting and supporting the prevention and treatment ailments through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits.

About Us

Gilbert has been involved in herbal remedy and Holistic nutrition for most of his life, his interest in plants and Holistic Nutrition began with his experience of growing up in a greener forested environment and a passionate hobby of investigating and looking into basic Holistic remedies throughout his life... Read more

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