Boxing Fitness

This is a group or one on one exercise based around the principals of functional fitness training and its adaption to professional boxing training. It also teaches you the fundamentals of boxing in a great fun workout with all the excitements of boxing combinations (without the fighting aspect) combined with real fitness, paced and adapted at all ability levels.

This is a proven method for a fast paced weight loss and general well-being, as it burns more calories within a short period of time. The add on nutritional aspect from Green Tribe Nutrition also helps keep your nutrition on point just like a professional boxer.

There is no physical contact between participants, contact is only made with boxing gloves and focus pads, while basic functional fitness training is incorporated within the exercise to enhance stamina, cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Outdoor (Park) and Indoor (Studio/Hall) locations available.

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Gilbert has been involved in herbal remedy and Holistic nutrition for most of his life, his interest in plants and Holistic Nutrition began with his experience of growing up in a greener forested environment and a passionate hobby of investigating and looking into basic Holistic remedies throughout his life... Read more

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