Holistic Nutrition

Are you looking for a Natural approach to a health, diet and nutrition?  Have you been diagnosed condition and are looking for something to complement conventional treatment you are receiving?  good health but are looking for holistic ways to maintain your  wellbeing? Green tribe combines the ancient tradition of using plants and nature to treat illness. Some of our natural products are usually in the form of powders made from leaves, roots, berries or flowers.

Green Tribe is all about Holistics and natural health science. Our main objective is  identify each plant for their nutritional value by qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as safety evaluation through high quality scientific studies and market trends analysis to aid us provide the Highest Quality Service to our clients.

Many health problems can be effectively managed and rectified through the calm, soft and gentle approach of natural health practices and habits through alteration in lifestyle, dietary modification etc. GreenTribe specialises in the provision of high quality ORGANIC SUPERFOODS AND NATURAL PRODUCTS to help suppress or even eliminate conditions such as;

DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS (Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers, Oesophagitis, Indigestion, Nausea and Apetite Loss).

SPASM PROBLEMS (Cramps, Colic, Migraine).

OVERACTIVITY PROBLEMS (Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Tension Headaches).

Our Green team of Qualified therapists provides a distinct approach looking at the underlying condition and tapping into the resources of nature to revitalise our clients. 

About Us

Gilbert has been involved in herbal remedy and Holistic nutrition for most of his life, his interest in plants and Holistic Nutrition began with his experience of growing up in a greener forested environment and a passionate hobby of investigating and looking into basic Holistic remedies throughout his life... Read more

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