Workplace Wellness

An effective workforce is always deemed as a good asset for any organisation. However, a recent study from the Harvard Medical School showed that poor nutrition reduced productivity by 8% and that people with unbalanced diets take 15% more time off work, this is a clear link between wellness, success and productivity. Another study also showed that, the average employee is off work sick for 8.4 days each year. The high cost of ill-health in the workforce, apart from sickness, takes many forms such as;

  • Low energy levels and motivation
  • Lack of concentration
  • Low productivity
  • Long-term sick leave
  • Missed deadlines
  • Irritability

Workplace Nutrition Services

Lunch&Learn Talk

A nutritional workshop specifically designed to target the nutritional needs of the audience, followed by a q&a session.

Free superfoods gift bag and nutritional publications.

Some of the benefits of our Nutritional package include;

  • Achieving peak performance - managing stress through diet and nutrition
  • Mind Over Matter- Increase concentration and avoid that afternoon dip
  • Immunity boosting nutrition - guarding against illness
  • Optimum Vitality- Staying at peak energy throughout the day
  • Quick & Healthy Meals for On-the-Go – learn how to eat healthy if you travel frequently or work away from home
  • Feel Sharp – Sustain energy, increase mental clarity and ensure sleep patterns are effective for shift workers
    • Fitting Fitness Into Your Busy Day
    • Eating Right on the go
    • Lunch Pack Designing: Surviving in the Fast Food Lane
    • Healthy Cooking: Nutritional boost & Cutting Calories
  • Customised menu plans – Tailoring the menu to fit the individual.
  • Superfoods - nutrition for physical and mental well being
  • Foods for fitness - nutritional approaches for weight management and optimal fitness
  • Heart Healthy Nutrition - nutritional advice for a health heart and cholesterol

Food Demo or Smoothies/shakes Making Class

This service comprises of a 45 minute interactive food demo and sample tasting/healthy lunch. Some of the demo ideas we use are;

  • Quick and easy healthy meals
  • Simple and healthy lunches
  • Foods to combat stress

In-Office Consultation Day | Individual Sessions for Employees

This is a personalised session which includes;

  • Advice on health concerns that inhibit performance at work. ie. Staying fit, immune health, digestive health
  • Help employees understand current nutritional research and how to apply it on a regular basis
  • Provide achievable nutritional recommendations and advice
  • A full nutrition plan provided in e-mail format within a week after session

Green Tribe Wellness Challenge

A bit of HEALTHY competition is always a good one for the mix. Wellness challenges are a fun and easy way to engage employees in a health initiative. Employees earn points achieving certain healthy lifestyle goals. The wellness challenge gives employees the opportunity to share their experiences and keep one another motivated toward making healthy lifestyle changes. A choice can be made from one of our pre-designed challenges or we can design a customized challenge tailored to the health needs and interests of your employees while staying within your budget. Many employers choose to incentive these challenges with small prizes such as movie tickets, a company sponsored lunch, Green Tribe superfoods vouchers or a free day off of work

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